Sistemas de Vacío

Oil Vacuum System

  • Vacuum System with Ejectors and Condensers
  • Vacuum Tower in Crude Refining Line.
  • Suction Pressure: 20 Torr.

Sistemas de Vacío: Energía CTCC

Vacuum System: Power Energy

  • Vacuum Systems with Pumps, Titanium Heat Exchanguer, Tank and Silencer.
  • Suction Pressure: 147 mm Hg abs

Sistemas de Vacío: Alimentación

Oil and Fats Industry

Edible Oils Deodorization

  • Vacuum systems with Ejectors, Boosters and Condensers.
  • Oil Deodorization with chilled water at 6,5º C.
  • Suction Pressure: 1 Torr

Sistemas de Vacío: Energía

Power Plant

  • Steam Ejector Vacuum System with Condensers and automatic control system.
  • Extraction of saturated air with steam with a vacuum steam condenser installed at the outlet of a steam turbine at a Thermal Power Plant.
  • Suction Pressure: 90 mbar abs

Welcome to EQUIREPSA

EQUIREPSA is an engineering company specializing in:

  • Vacuum Technology: Vacuum Systems with Ejectors and Pumps.
  • Thermal Processes: Heat Exchangers.

With our own Technology we offer to general industry customized solutions, which include: design, manufacture, supply, commissioning and start-up (under request) of our equipment. We are supported by a wide International and National Reference List.

Our experience in several geographic areas and industrial sectors makes us be closer to the needs of our customers, providing quick and effective solutions.

EQUIREPSA have a continual improvement philosophy in order to improve our designs and products, and offer you the most reliability and competitiveness.